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Welcome to Green Landscaping Services San Jose

Welcome to Green Landscaping Services San Jose! We are your premier provider of professional landscape design, installation, and maintenance services in the San Jose area. Whether you’re looking to install a new lawn, create a relaxing backyard retreat with pavers and water features, or maintain your existing landscape, we have the expertise to make your outdoor vision a reality.

As a family-owned company serving residential and commercial clients for over 15 years, we take pride in our reputation for sustainable, eco-friendly landscaping practices, exceptional customer service, and affordable pricing. Our services range from sod installation, artificial grass, irrigation systems, tree planting and trimming to flagstone side walls, fences and gates, water features, mulch spreading, and regular lawn care and maintenance. We handle projects both big and small.

We would love to meet with you for a free consultation to discuss your unique landscape needs and bring your ideas to life. Contact us today to get started designing and building your dream outdoor living space!

Why Choose Us?

Our team consists of licensed, bonded, and insured landscape professionals with over 23 years of experience transforming San Jose yards and gardens. We know the climate, soil, and plant species that thrive in this region.

We utilize eco-friendly solutions like drip irrigation, native plants, and organic materials whenever possible to help conserve water and nurture the environment.

Our custom landscape designs have won numerous local and national awards for their beauty, creativity and functionality. We can design your perfect outdoor living space.

We have a reputation for flawless sod installation, pathway and wall construction, lighting, drainage and all landscape construction. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied.

In addition to landscape transformation services, we offer complete maintenance packages – mowing, pruning, watering, fertilization, and more – to keep your yard healthy and vibrant year-round. We are your one-stop landscaping provider in San Jose.

Our Services

Sod Installation in San Jose

Our sod installation services simply can’t be beat. While some companies just roll out sod and call it a day, our comprehensive process ensures that your new lawn will thrive for years to come. We meticulously prepare the topsoil, removing rocks, debris, and weeds to create an optimal bed for the sod. Our experts only use premium sod that is genetically suited to the San Jose climate. We roll and contour the sod to ensure there are no uneven spots or gaps for weeds. We customize fertilizer and nutrient prescriptions based on your lawn’s specific needs for healthy growth. And once your sod has taken root, we provide follow-up sprinkler adjustments and mowing services to help it establish. No step is rushed or overlooked. Simply put – no other San Jose landscaper takes such care in sod installation. That’s why all our clients rave about the quality and longevity of their new grass. If you want a lush, flawless lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood, choose our sod installation services. We guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the results for years to come!


Artifical Grass Installation in San Jose

Tired of watering, mowing and constantly maintaining your lawn? Our artificial grass installation is the hassle-free solution you’ve been searching for. We only use the highest quality synthetic turf on the market to recreate the look and feel of lush, verdant grass without any of the work. Custom-designed to suit the unique landscape contours of your yard and landscaping features, our artificial lawns are virtually indistinguishable from real grass. The state-of-the-art materials we use are permeable to keep drainage effective, leftover trimmings won’t clutter your yard, and the specialized backing ensures weeds won’t poke through. We include a drainage layer and gravel base for stability, contouring any uneven areas of your yard first for flawless results. With warrants up to 15 years for materials, colorfastness and integrity, you can trust our artificial grass will continue looking impeccable year after year. Durable in all weather conditions with minimal maintenance required, our artificial lawns withstand the wear and tear of pets, kids and constant foot traffic. Say goodbye to expensive water bills and hours of yardwork every weekend. Discover why dozens of San Jose homeowners choose us year after year for expert artificial grass installation services.


Tree Planting in San Jose

Your landscape isn’t complete until you have the ideal trees planted in the perfect locations to enhance the look and value of your property. Our expert tree planting services in San Jose provide unparalleled customer service and care to match you with the right trees based on your landscape goals, yard conditions, and maintenance capabilities. Unlike some companies that take a one-size-fits-all approach, we work closely with you to understand your unique vision, assess your existing landscape, identify prime placement spots with adequate room for root and canopy growth, and select trees tailored specifically for that area’s soil, sun exposure, temperature, and climate. We then follow rigorous protocols for preparing the planting holes, installing the trees for stability, staking if necessary, applying premium fertilizers and supplements to stimulate growth, and ensuring proper watering guidelines. We can advise on follow-up pruning and care as well to help your trees thrive for decades. With proper tree selection, ideal placement, and attentive planting procedures, we help create focal points, privacy, shade, and a lush green paradise for you to admire from every window. Trust us for exceptional tree planting services delivered by devoted green thumbs who treat every tree with thoughtful care and consideration.


Irrigation System in San Jose

Is your garden and lawn looking lackluster, no matter how much you water by hand? It’s time to invest in a professionally designed irrigation system for lush, vibrant landscape results all year long. Our licensed irrigation technicians meticulously evaluate your yard’s size, shape, plant placement, soil type, sun exposure and other factors to engineer the ideal watering solution. After trenching and placing sturdy, freeze-resistant PVC piping, high-efficiency spray nozzles are strategically located to target tree canopies, flower beds, shrubs, and turf areas with optimized water coverage. With programmable timers and smart controls to schedule weekly watering based on seasonality, along with zone valves to independently operate different areas of your landscape, our systems deliver customized irrigation for superior efficiency. And with winterization blow-outs, backflow testing, repairs and seasonal adjustments included – you can enjoy the healthy, hydrated yard of your dreams without any work. Discover why so many San Jose homeowners insist on our irrigation installation services for resilient, worry-free watering systems engineered to promote thriving gardens and flawless lawns for years on end. The decision is easy if you want to conserve water and save money with a high-performing irrigation system tailored to your landscape.


Flagstone Side Walls in San Jose

Take your landscape design to the next level with stunning flagstone side walls hand-crafted by our specialists. We utilize expert masonry techniques to construct elegant walls from natural flagstone that lend sophisticated style, enclose spaces beautifully, and open up possibilities for raised planters, decorative benches, chic water features and other accents. Unlike flimsy wall kits bought at big box stores, our artisan masons cut and chisel each piece of flagstone rock to interlock snugly and withstand decades of weatherization without loosening or cracking. With incredible variety of rich colors, textures and natural shapes, every flagstone wall we install has undeniable visual appeal. Whether you need retaining walls and steps descending slopes on side yards, a accent wall with built-in lighting, or dividing lines between pavers and planting beds, our custom handiwork delivers impressive durability and drops jaws every time. Choose from rough multi-tone styles, mottled rock finishes or more uniform flagstones, knowing our specialized selection and construction methods create side walls far superior to manufactured vinyl or cinderblocks. For head-turning landscapes as unique as your home itself, our stunning flagstone side walls never fail to impress!


Water Fountains in San Jose

Bring the tranquil sounds of running water into your backyard oasis with our professional quality water fountain installations. Far superior to flimsy store-bought kits, our custom-crafted fountains are built to last from steel reinforced concrete, natural stones, and durable composites designed to withstand the elements year after year. Choose from elegant tiered fountains that cascade streams down multiple levels, peaceful Asian bamboo spouts, colorful LED-lit basins and more. With designs ranging from modern and sleek to traditional European-inspired, our water features complement all landscape styles from classic to contemporary. Our licensed technicians handle the entire installation process – assessing drainage, grading terrain, connecting plumbing lines to concealed pumps with advanced filtration, lighting fixtures for nighttime ambience, and securing every component for longevity through all seasons. Maintenance is a breeze with easy access panels built into every fountain as well. Bring home the gift of tranquil sounds that lower stress, connect you with nature and mask unwanted background noise as you relax. Our elite water fountain installations outperform any DIY attempt for superior quality assurance. You simply won’t find better crafted, more reliable water features to complete your landscape.


Gates & Fences in San Jose

Custom-designed and durably constructed, our stunning gates and fences define your home’s aesthetic while enhancing privacy and security. Whether transforming an ordinary chain link fence into a charming arbor entrance or installing elegant wrought iron gates with automation, we add curb appeal and impressive functionality tailored to your family’s needs. Our artisan craftsmen don’t take shortcuts – pressure treated wood is secured for resistance to decay and steel reinforced for unyielding sturdiness against winds. With gate frames, posts and fencing all connected via reinforced brackets and optimal hardware, every installation we handle stands the test of time without sagging, weathering or becoming compromised. Unlike flimsy store-bought kits, our fences and gates are built to endure decades of heavy use securing your home with beauty, character and protection from intruders. Choose from traditional wooden pickets, ornamental metal, contemporary cable railings and more in the exact height, shape and color palette matching your home. Bring intimacy and comfort to your outdoor living space. Protect precious investments like pools, gardens and children at play. We create timeless gates and fences adding elegance, functionality and customized security catering to your family’s lifestyle.


Spreading Mulch in San Jose

Don’t let lackluster, worn-out beds and tree rings drag down your landscape’s curb appeal. Our professional grade mulch and spreading services breathe new life into tired gardens and trees, setting the stage for healthy root systems and vigorous spring growth. Unlike basic wood chips dumped from bulk bags, we only use premium shredded hardwood and cedar mulch that looks freshly uniform. After amending the soil, our landscape crews use advanced techniques for even coverage blanketing all your beds, trees, shrubs in protecting layers that deter weeds. No more back-breaking raking or buying mulch you’ll end up hating the look of after a few weeks. Our mulch looks pristine longer, retaining its rich color and neatly manicured texture over time unlike bagged mulch that decomposes into eyesores. Yielding numerous benefits like slowed evaporation, stable soil temperature and nitrogen-rich composition as it gradually breaks down, our mulch nurtures your plants while keeping the yards looking photo shoot fabulous month after month. Well-maintained landscaping adds tremendous resale value year over year too! Rediscover the true impact a flawless mulch job makes – the difference is monumental when its applied by our experts using high-grade cedar and hardwood products.


Lawn Care In San Jose

For a flawless lawn that becomes the envy of your neighborhood, trust only our professional grade turf care services. We far surpass the usual check-box approach – analyzing your grass species, measuring soil quality characteristics, identifying issues causing damage, and custom calibrating multi-step treatment plans to nurture revitalized health and beauty. While standard lawn companies spray the same concoctions disregarding your yard’s unique needs, we perform in-depth testing and assessments tailored to your lawn’s strengths, trouble spots and growth capabilities. Our turf techs are accredited specialists in soil science, irrigation, drainage solutions and growth stimulants. We curate specialized mineral supplements, organic compounds, and premium fertilizers maximizing the genetics of your grass for fuller density and richer emerald color. Don’t wait until disease, bare areas or weed takeover make an unsightly lawn embarrassing. Our preventative care build resistances and outcompetes problems through scientific formulas and metering technology so precise nothing is left to guessingwork when it comes to your lawn’s health and vitality. Insist on a 5-star turf care protocol designed for lawns to thrive, not just survive the seasons. Nobody coddles and nurtures grass the way we do – or understands the intricacies of creating enviable turf quite like our field experts!


Landscape Maintenance Service in San Jose

Keep your property looking like the coveted showpiece it deserves with our detail-oriented landscape maintenance. While periodic mowing and pruning sustains a baseline of curb appeal, our comprehensive care takes the health and swagger of your gardens, trees and lawn to new heights. Our horticulturists understand every plant’s ideal nutrients, sunlight, water intake and pruning times so flowers flourish magnificently, trees yield abundant foliage, and turf stays densely green even in dog days of summer when grass typically frays. Armed with degrees in turf management, pest control advancements and landscaping best practices, we nurture – not just maintain – with regimens ensuring blossoms explode, fall colors dazzle, and rare tropicals continue thriving despite Northern California climate challenges. From soil enhancement adding missing minerals to integrated pest management keeping insects safely controlled, our science-based protocols help California natives, hearty succulents and even delicate roses defy the odds…achieving their genetic potential for peak performance every season. When landscapes demand more than mowing and occasional pruning, discover the difference our restorative maintenance makes. Home to exquisite gardens and the neighborhood’s social hotspot, let your landscape become locally legendary for its awe-inspiring beauty year-round!


Trimming Service in San Jose

While most tree companies view trimming as a one-size-fits all task to completed quickly, our certified arborists approach the health and appearance of your trees with meticulous care and precision pruning techniques. More than just cutting branches haphazardly, we assess each tree’s structural integrity, the location of optimal new growth areas to stimulate, and pruning needs that balance the canopy architecture for optimal sunlight filtering, energy efficiency and visual balance. Unlike rushed companies that leave messy stumps or ugly stubs damaging protective bark layers, we make clean cuts at branch collars that heal rapidly to deter disease entry points. And all clippings, leaves and debris are swept away leaving your property pristine afterwards. With gear selected for our safety and protecting your home from incidental damage, we safely shape trees away from power lines and buildings while improving their longevity, storm resiliency and natural beauty. Our holistic tree care philosophy even boosts blooms and fruit production pruned at precisely the right moments. Skip the ham-fisted trimming jobs making trees appear butchered with gaping holes and oddly lopsided. Our refinement pruning helps trees achieve their highest potential – visually pleasing, abundant, healthy and structurally sound each season.

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