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Tree Planting Service in San Jose

Benefits of Professionally Tree Planting Service

Adds Stunning Focal Points

With vibrant spring flowers and vivid fall colors, trees become centerpiece focal points contrasting turf, fences and architecture.

Provides Cooling Shade

Mature trees lower surrounding air temperatures by up to 9°F cooling homes naturally to reduce AC bills. Deciduous varieties permit winter sunlight.

Attracts Desirable Backyard Wildlife

Colorful flowering varieties attract hummingbirds and butterflies while many trees host nesting songbirds.

Increases Property Values

According to Sate Farm Insurance and the US Forest Service, quality trees boost sale prices helping homes sell faster.

Helps Clean Air

Abundant leaves filter particulate matter like dust and pollution from air significantly improving local air quality.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Groupings of trees prevent heavy rains from washing away exposed topsoil while extensive root networks retain moisture longer.

Why We Are San Jose's Top Tree Planing Service Provider

Regional Expertise

With degrees in arboriculture and 15+ years exclusively planting trees in San Jose’s difficult soil, our expertise offers proven success guiding clients to ideal trees that thrive in these conditions for decades on end.

Site Analysis Testing

We conduct professional soil analysis with lab partners identifying pH, macronutrients, organic matter, drainage rates, and heavy metals informing amendments to address deficiencies or toxicities.

Quality Nursery Stock Sourcing

We only install top-grade nursery stock meeting our high standards for health and structural integrity, rejecting common defects like root curling, stem damage, and leaf discoloration.

Meticulous Planting Process

Crews carefully excavate wide holes with amended backfill soil to avoid underground lines damage while promoting expansive non-girdling root zones for newly planted trees.

Staking and Trunk Protection

Young and thin-barked trees are staked and wrapped to provide flexibility without risking wind tipping during formative years.

Custom Care Consulting

We prescribe site-specific organic fertilization, watering needs, and follow-up monitoring schedules new tree owners rely upon while trees establish protective canopies.

Why Improper Planting Fails

Simply digging shallow holes and plopping balled-and-burlapped or container trees into turf grass typically ends badly thanks to:

Strangling Root Zones – Cramped root balls fail to expand in surface layers stunting growth and causing decline.

Nutrient Deficiencies – Surface roots unable to access subsoil minerals present deeper underground leads to deficiency disorders.

Water Deprivation – Outcompeted by aggressive turf stealing moisture, trees often exhibit drought stress despite owner watering attempts.

Soil Compaction – Heavy clay or compacted soils prevent establishment allowing lawnmower and foot traffic damage.

By instead utilizing science-based planting practices and oversight, Green Landscaping Services delivers vastly higher tree survival and satisfaction rates.

Our 8-Step Planting Plan

Green Landscaping Services utilizes a proven 8 Phase Planting Process ensuring transplanted trees and shrubs establish exponentially faster while sustaining lifelong health and appeal:

Site Analysis & Prep

Thoroughly assess terrain variables while clearing underground lines and overhead encumbrances from work area.

Amended Backfill Soil

Incorporate premium Biotic Earth Blend into native soil boosting porosity, moisture retention and nutrition.

Wide Hole Excavation

Excavate saucer-shaped pits 3X wider than root ball diameters so roots grow unencumbered.

Level Final Position On Mound

Ensure planted tree sits 1-2” above landscape grade to prevent subsurface waterlogging.

Stabilize Trunk

Install adjustable cinch ties on thin trunks allowing flexibility without risk of wind tipping.

Water Thoroughly at Planting

Eliminate air pockets surrounding lower roots by slowly filling hole.

Apply Mulch Ring

Surround with 2-4 inch deep rings of Shredded Fir reducing water needs while adding beneficial organic matter.

Follow Up Care Calendar

New tree owners rely on our seasonal 1, 3, 6 and 12 month health checks fine tuning care.

This proven methodology rooted in arboricultural science yields unmatched establishment success and longevity outcomes.

Post-Planting Care Maximizing Survival Odds

While initial planting sets the table, proactive follow-up care during the first 24 months remains paramount until extensive root systems develop anchoring specimens and accessing deeper soil moisture reserves.

Our ongoing stewardship regiments to reinforce vigor involve:

Apply 15-20 gallons weekly, more for hot/dry periods, via slow infiltration preventing runoff.

Tailored mineral amendment programs address specific micronutrient deficiencies and soil biology opportunities.

Structural Pruning
Remove only dead branches during formative years allowing leaders to dominate.

Pest Prevention Monitor for damaging beetles, borers, fungi and needle diseases applying control measures promptly.

Trunk Protection Wrap thin bark species and monitor lower trunks for rodent or lawn mower wounds needing protective collars.

By leveraging our extensive regional knowledge guiding thousands of trees to maturity, new owners can sidestep costly struggles plaguing DIY planting attempts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Early fall allows roots to establish before summer heat while permitting dormant root growth over winter. But our crews successfully plant December-February in mild weather.

With proper siting, amendments and follow-up care, most trees thrive in as little as 1-2 years.

We generally install advanced 15-gallon container trees instead of cheaper 5-gallon buckets or seedlings. Larger diameters establish fuller more rapidly.

Plan on 15-20 gallons weekly, more for hot or sandy soils, applied slowly to soak roots.

Yes! We prescribe custom organic amendments and shredded bark mulch to retain moisture while adding beneficial nutrition as it decomposes.